Mike Pinto Promo Team

Thank you for the interest in the Mike Pinto Band promo team. Mike Pinto has always been all about grassroots and we appreciate those who support our growth in this way. The Promo Team is about you. The idea is that together we help the promotion of Mike Pinto online and in local communities. We want to make sure that promo work is fun for everyone, but also helpful to the group in spreading the word about the music and upcoming shows. Specific efforts that will help get the word out are listed below but generally speaking we are seeking individuals and businesses who are creative in ways to get people excited about the band.

If you are interested in signing up please email band@mikepintomusic.com complete with your full name, address, phone #, email address, and what area of promotion you are most interested in assisting with.

The Internet is a great way to help with promotions through blogs, posts, chat rooms, message boards, emails, and social networking websites such as Myspace, Facebook, Jambase, www.tribe.net, etc.  You can even make comments about how much you like the music on Itunes and www.cdbaby.com!

We will send an email to see if you're available to promote a Mike Pinto show that will be in / near your city. We will then send you posters 4-6 weeks before the show. Please put posters in the central parts of town and high traffic areas (music stores, campuses, pizza joints, head shops, coffee spots, etc). Please also make sure there are posters near and at the venue as well. If you were the band rolling into town for the first time, where would they like to see the posters?

Pre Parties are a great way to create energy surrounding a show. Let me know if you're planning a party, I'll help in any way I can.

The report must be sent at least 2-3 days before your show. If a report is not sent back a free ticket will not be available for you at the door. Additionally you might receive a phone call or email from me to follow up if we haven't received anything from you as the show date draws near. Please email the following information to band@mikepintomusic.com with as much detail as possible.

Names and links of at least 5-10 websites that you posted information about the show. Multiple Instagram/Facebook posts are accepted, but we would like to see local and regional live music sites as well.

Names of at least 6 places posters were hung. We always like to see pictures of your work and may be able to offer an additional ticket from those who email pictures with their reports as well as 4-5 links of online promo work. If you ever have any questions or concerns feel free to email us at any time. Thank you!